Together we made it! Friday saw the class of 2015 graduate in a ceremony held at the Brighton Dome, watched by many proud family members and of course the lecturers and tutors that have seen us through.

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And then to the gardens for the ‘compulsory’ photos!






A great day to end a great journey, and now to start the next chapter!


Thanking the sponsors!

Finally managed to get the promised goodies to our sponsors this week; a framed certificate, photo and a selection of our final year work. The design show wouldn’t have been what is was without them so once again a big thank-you to The Flying Fortress, as well as all those who donated at our fundraisers!


Doing what we do best!

Pulling together and getting the job done, even when things don’t quite go to plan! The second and final day of setup has seen a last minute change around on the design of the stand, due to a delivery not making it to us in time. However the students at Sussex aren’t phased by things like this so after a quick gathering an on-the-spot back up plan was formed and executed (with a few trips to the local shops to boot) with time to spare! Have a look at the progress we’ve made today below;

DSC01752 DSC01753 DSC01761 DSC01768

It’s going to be hard to miss us with this on the wall!

DSC01766 DSC01779 DSC01780 DSC01783 DSC01785 DSC01778 DSC01786 DSC01787 DSC01790 DSC01794

So that’s it, no more setup! An early start tomorrow morning to begin the 4 days of this year’s graduates exhibiting to industry experts, employers and the general public – we hope to see you there!

All hands on deck; Set-up day 1

The first of a week of long days! Today was tough on everyone; the load and unload, the guys in the van experiencing the joys of driving in London, we still have a couple parts missing and then the baking heat! However after what’s felt like a long time planning Sussex have made it to New Designers 2015, and have made a good start to putting together the stand.




A bit patchy after the first coat, but nothing to worry about as we’ll have the whole team up there tomorrow bringing it all together! We’ll keep you posted!

A bit of manual labour never hurt!

With setup for New Designers just around the corner we’ve been preparing the bits and pieces we’ll be taking up there this week. To start with a small team of us got off our desk chairs and headed outside to give the floor tiles (140+ of them no less!) a much needed scrub and power wash. I don’t think any of those involved want to see another floor tile ever again!


The scaffolding for the brochure stand and poster frame we’re constructing also arrived, and was unboxed and put together up in the studio. I must say it’s looking exactly like the CAD model we put together before ordering – we’re getting good at this design malarkey!


Having said that we are missing one of the deliveries of poles! Hopefully it gets found quickly and we all ready to go on Monday! One week to go!