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Here you have the chance to get to know us, and what it is we are working on this year;



“With the rapid advancement in technology over the last decade, many problems have surfaced associated with unsustainable energy. With our daily devices, like smartphones and tablets, increasing in screen size as well as pixel density, the battery life of these products has severely suffered to the point where it no longer meets our daily usage requirements. The technical challenge I have set myself is aimed at creating an entirely new product in which energy can be harnessed in the most convenient and green way possible thus allowing users to charge their daily devices on the go. In terms of this technical challenge associated with renewable energy, key areas I will be focusing on include environmentally friendly and innovative materials, as well as alternative energy sources.”



“My final year project is a water storage bench, for this project my design is aimed to protect water resource as much as we could. As we know during the night and day cycle there are lots of dewdrop wasted and also rainwater hasn’t been collected. So I re-designed the bench that we use in the parks and streets to collect water for afforest or drinking. I also made sure that all of the materials selected are friendly for environment even during the manufacturing process. The drive of my design is the water resources in this world are lacking badly.”



“For my final year project I wanted to create a better user experience within the kitchen. The kitchen has long been the heart of any home, used for both cooking and social occasions. I am looking into new innovative ideas that will help with both storage and the use of general space within the kitchen. With this project it is important for me to consider the wide range of potential users for a kitchen product and how their needs differ from each other.”



“Tea Culture is defined by the way we drink tea and the way its made, by the way people interact with tea, and by the aesthetics surrounding tea drinking.It includes aspects of tea production, tea brewing, tea arts and ceremony, society, history, health, ethics, education, communication and media issues. I want to educate people on the importance of tea culture in a selection of different countries through packaging.”



“Day to day we are constantly evolving and changing and I believe the space we live in should too. Storage in the home is something that exists, is used and then is discarded making space for something new or bigger. I believe that there is a better, less wasteful way of approaching storage in the home. I want to create a unit that will be adaptable and useful in a number of ways depending on how a space is being used at the time. Inspired by waste I plan to create a modular unit that does not have a sole purpose and will be a feature in the room rather than just a shelving unit.”



“Countless times, plastic bags are given away to shoppers for free, and we all know this doesn’t contribute positive effects to the environment. Although there is the famous “bag for life”, one of the main issues is remembering to bring these. Therefore, my aim is to encourage the young generation through wearable technology and incentives to remind them that there is no need to take a free bag, and to just reuse theirs instead.”



“The final year project is giving me the opportunity to create a shelter that can be deployed quickly and transferred from point A to point B easily. In recent years quite a lot of natural disasters happened around the world, forcing many people to move from their home to other cities or countries to live and start a new life. So with my shelter design saving much time on transport and setting up, people who suffer can more likely sleep in a secure environment.”



“Music is apart of us, and at the heart of music are scales. If I hum half a scale, you can hum the other half back, musical knowledge or not. I’ve always loved playing guitar, but have always lacked the patience to sit and repeat scales over and over. I am creating a device that allows guitarists to access these scales over the whole guitar instantly, in an innovative, new way of learning. I believe the best way to learn is going straight for it, and my product will let any level of guitarist practice and explore their style and technique right away, giving the ability to create any tune that comes to their head and overall making them a better musician!”



“With the way many of us shop rapidly changing through online delivery and self-service scanning, is bagging our weekly shopping really the best way of transporting our food? My project will be to create an entirely new product or process for getting our food from the supermarket to the kitchen, one that isn’t wasteful or stressful. Looking at the future of sustainable shopping I hope to create a system that helps reduce the environmental impact from supplier to shopper. People will no longer have to feel guilty when they forget their bag for life!”



“Nowadays more commuters are talking on the phone on public transport, and this can have negative implications for privacy. My idea is to design a personal accessory aiming to allow talking on the phone without being heard by others in the immediate vicinity. My technical challenge is to achieve voice cancellation within the limiting dimensions of a personal accessory. Additionally, I need to ensure that the design is as wearable as possible by factoring in ergonomics and aesthetics.”



Kettles are just one of the many household appliances that are still incredibly unsustainable in terms of energy wastage and materials. I’m setting myself the challenge of designing a new water boiling device that is completely sustainable throughout every stage in it’s life; cradle to cradle. Key areas I will be exploring are alternative energy generation, innovative new materials and emotional durability.



For my final year project I wanted to take on sustainable design within the food retail sector, more specifically tackling the issue of unsustainable packaging. The cardboard, plastic or glass that comes with your groceries makes up for a vast amount of household waste and recycled content, only for it to be bought again the next time you go shopping and this cycle continually repeats itself. I aim to find a way to reduce packaging in the first place, hopefully taking a lot of the waste out of the equation and saving the consumer money! I also want to explore the possibility for reuse and incentivising the solution I come up with.



“Packaging has an underlying influence in relation to a products success and its customer demand. Particularly focused within the footwear sector, my project aims to provide new and innovative footwear packaging solutions. Is the shoebox the only answer to footwear packaging? Looking towards the future of sustainable packaging, I intend to produce a range of footwear packaging solutions which, reduce environmental impact and also development a secondary form of emotional attachment, between the user, the product and the packaging. Showcase your footwear!”



“For me, furniture design is about designing a product that is aesthetical, functional, and withstands the test of time. My goal is to design a range of lounge furniture that looks as current in years to come, as it does today. I have chosen the lounge as I consider it to be the most important room within a home. Whether it is getting lost in a good book, or blaring out loud music, the lounge offers a space in which we can all escape for a moment, and simply relax.”



“Bicycles are incredibly personal objects – keeping them safe and secure is a vital part of any bike journey. The design of the bike lock has hardly changed over the years, remaining bulky, heavy and ugly. I am looking to create a sleek, usable and innovative lock that can be transported easily and fits with all styles of cycling, while staying just as secure as traditional designs.”



“Throughout history humans have always had a tendency to test nature, pushing themselves to the limits in order to triumph incredible sporting achievements. Individuals that possess this undeniable natural drive will put their bodies and lives on the line in order to accomplish their goals. As we see extreme sports excel in the modern world with individuals pushing the boundaries, concurring thrilling terrains like never before. I wanted to offer these individuals the security and protection they require. I aim to create upper body protection that is breathable, lightweight and versatile for the majority of extreme sporting activities, incorporating interchangeable parts that offer protection as well as recovery rehabilitation.”


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